What is monkeypox virus

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What is monkeypox virus

In the midst of the corona epidemic, cases of monkeypox disease are increasing rapidly around the world. Monkeypox is a DNA virus that does not mutate as rapidly as the coronavirus. DNA viruses have long genomes. The genome of monkeypox is seven times larger than that of the coronavirus. Monkeypox is a very rare disease caused by infection with the monkeypox virus. The symptoms of monkeypox are similar to those of smallpox. Monkeypox was discovered in 1958 when there were two outbreaks of smallpox-like disease in colonies of monkeys kept for research. Despite the name 'monkeypox', the source of the disease is unknown. African rodents and non-human primates such as monkeys can infect people. The first human case of monkeypox was detected in 1970. Before the 2022 outbreak, symptoms of monkeypox were reported in people in several Central and West African countries.

How we can experience the symptoms of monkeypox

Monkeypox symptoms can begin 2 to 4 weeks after we are exposed to them. Monkeypox rash often first appears on the face, hands or feet and then spreads to other parts of the body. Monkeypox rash goes through several stages. Flat spots turn into blisters. The blisters then fill with pus, crust over and fall off over a period of 2 to 4 weeks. These include:

a. fever

b. skin rash

c. Headache

d. muscle aches and back pain

e. chills

f. fatigue

g. swollen lymph nodes

h. Respiratory symptoms such as sore throat, nasal congestion or cough.

i. A rash that may be located on or near the genitals such as the penis, testicles, labia, and vagina or anus, but can also occur on other areas such as the arms, legs, chest, face, or mouth. The rash may look like a pustule or blisters and may be painful or itchy.

How is monkeypox different from chicken pox

A new disease is spreading rapidly in the world, which is named monkeypox. The sores in smallpox tend to self-limit after seven to eight days, but this is not the case in monkeypox. The lesions in smallpox are itchy whereas in monkeypox the lesions are extensive vesicular and non-itchy. The duration of fever in monkeypox is long and the lymph nodes are enlarged in such a patient. Two different monkeypox variants were found in the US, adding to the mystery of the outbreak.

How does the monkeypox virus spread

A. Monkeypox virus spreads from person to person when:

1. Direct contact with the rash, crust or pus of a person with monkeypox.

2. By indulging in extended close contact such as sexual contact with respiratory droplets from an infected person.

3. Clothing, sheets, blankets or other material that has come into contact with the rash or body fluids of an infected person.

4. A pregnant woman can spread the virus to her fetus through the placenta.

B. It is also possible for people to get monkeypox from animals infected with:

1. By scratching or biting an infected animal or by preparing or eating meat or by using products from an infected animal.

2. By biting or scratching an infected animal.

3. By using products made from infected animals.

4. By direct contact with body fluids of infected animals or animal rashes.

How to avoid monkeypox

There is no specific treatment approved for monkeypox. Some smallpox vaccines can prevent monkeypox, including the ACAM2000 and Jynneos vaccines. These vaccines can be used to prevent monkeypox as smallpox and monkeypox are caused by related viruses. If a person is suffering from monkeypox, they should stay at home in a separate room from family and pets until the rash and scabs have healed. Avoid close contact with people who are showing signs of a monkeypox-like rash. Stay away from clothing, sheets, blankets, or other materials that may have come in contact with an infected animal or person. People who have monkeypox should stay away from healthy people. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after coming into contact with a person or animal infected with monkeypox.

When did the symptoms of monkeypox virus appear

About 900 monkeypox cases have been reported outside Africa since early May, the largest outbreak in the Western Hemisphere was in 2003 with 47 US cases, reports Global Health. They were infected with domesticated prairie dogs but had no cases of human-to-human transmission. Differences in the genetic sequences of cases of American monkeypox complicate the picture of the origin of the outbreak. So far, more than 92 patients of monkeypox have been found worldwide, all these cases have been found from many countries including UK, European countries, North America and Australia.

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