To avoid urine infection, include these things in the diet

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To avoid urine infection, include these things in the diet

There are many reasons for having a urine infection. This problem occurs equally in women and men. Sometimes urine infection can also occur due to lack of cleanliness. For example, holding urine for a long time, negligence in cleaning during periods can cause this problem. Women are more prone to urinary tract infections than men. If you have a problem of urine infection, then by adding some things to the diet, you can overcome this problem. Urine infection is quite common in women. However, this problem can also happen to men. But comparatively, women are more prone to urinary tract infections. Those who hold urine for a long time are more likely to have this problem. It has been seen many times that bacteria start accumulating in the gall bladder of a person who has to stop urination for a long time. In this situation the risk of infection may increase. Therefore, do not hold urine for a long time. Due to the problem of urine infection, you start having back pain, abdominal pain, frequent urge to urinate, burning in urine, etc. In this situation there is a need to contact the doctor immediately. At the same time, special attention needs to be paid to your diet when you have a urine infection. When a person has a UTI, the person's immunity can be weakened and the pH level can deteriorate. To fix this, you should make necessary changes in the diet.

1. Amla consumption

If you have a problem with urine infection, then consume amla. Urine infection can be removed by consuming Amla. Actually, vitamin C is present in amla, which is a great antioxidant. Apart from this, amla is also rich in many other properties, which reduce the problem of infection.

2. drink more

Drink more water if you have a urine infection. So that you have frequent urination. Urinating reduces the risk of developing infection. Also, it can be helpful in keeping your body hydrated.

3. What to drink instead of tea

If you also love to drink tea or coffee in the morning, then be careful. Sipping tea during UTI can be overwhelming. Doctors forbid the consumption of caffeine in UTI. Instead of caffeine, you can choose some healthy alternatives. For example, coconut water. Consumption of coconut water is considered beneficial in UTI. Apart from this, you can consume fresh cranberry juice, tomato soup, milk and cucumber juice etc.

4. What to eat instead of sweet things

You should avoid sweet things during urine infection. This may worsen the situation. Instead of sweet things, you should include foods rich in vitamin C in your diet. Lemon, broccoli, kiwi, orange and mosambi are rich in Vitamin C. If you consume Vitamin C, then the bacteria responsible for UTI will not be able to harm you much.

5. Include curd in the diet

You should include curd in your diet. Yogurt has probiotics properties. To get relief from the burning sensation in UTI, you should consume curd with every meal. Apart from this, increase the amount of water during UTI. Consuming water will get rid of the burning sensation caused by UTI.

6. Say 'No' to Spicy Food

In UTI, you have to avoid spicy food. This can cause irritation in the bladder. Eating more spicy or spicy food can increase bacterial activity. If you talk about a healthy diet, then you should consume fresh fruits, green vegetables, home-made juices and herbal tea etc.

The best course of action for a urinary tract infection is to visit a doctor. Antibiotics are required to treat a UTI. An antibiotic that effectively combats the bacteria causing your infection will be chosen by your doctor.

It's crucial that you take antibiotics as prescribed whenever you receive a prescription for them. Even if your symptoms disappear and you begin to feel better, make sure to finish the entire course of antibiotics. If you don't take all of your medication, the infection may come back and be harder to cure.

A doctor might advise taking antibiotics if you frequently suffer urinary tract infections:

(i) Every day.

(ii) Every other day.

(iii) After sex.

As soon as symptoms appear.

If you have a history of getting frequent UTIs, consult a doctor about your best course of action.

A doctor may advise using an estrogen-containing vaginal cream if you are postmenopausal. By altering the pH of your vagina, these lotions may help lower your chance of getting a UTI. If you frequently experience UTIs and are postmenopausal, consult a healthcare professional.

OTC supplements, such as probiotics and cranberry extract, may also aid in the prevention of UTIs. Before beginning to take any supplements, see a healthcare professional.

It's crucial to remember that, while dietary changes can improve urinary tract health, they cannot be relied upon to completely prevent urinary tract infections. It's important to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment if you have persistent urinary tract infections (UTIs) or suspect an infection.

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