Planning a Kid-Friendly New Year Party: Tips and Ideas

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It's great to celebrate on New Year's Eve, but organising a party that appeals to both adults and children may be challenging. If you're looking for some tips and ideas on how to throw a kid-friendly New Year's Eve party, read on!


When to have the party


It's a good idea to have your New Year's Eve celebration earlier in the evening because most kids can't stay up until midnight. Around 7 o'clock is a nice time to start, and you can schedule it to end at 10 o'clock. The kids will have lots of time to rejoice and have fun without being overly fatigued because of this.


Where to have the party


You can rent out a location, such as a church hall or community centre, or host your New Year's Eve celebration at home. Make sure you make enough room for the youngsters to play and dance if you're hosting the party at your house. It could be a good idea to create a distinct space for adult socialising.




No New Year's Eve party is complete without festive decorations! Streamers, confetti, balloons, and noisemakers are all great options for a New Year's Eve party. Additionally, you can create your own decorations, including paper hats and crowns.


Food and drinks


When it comes to food and drinks for a kid-friendly New Year's Eve party, it's important to keep things simple. Pizza, chicken nuggets, and hot dogs are all popular choices. Additionally, you can serve finger snacks like chips, fruit, and vegetables. Try providing water, soda, and juice as drinks.




A party wouldn't be the same without activities! These are some suggestions for fun things to do on New Year's Eve with kids:


Dance party: Make some room and play some music so the youngsters can dance. Even glow-in-the-dark sticks and other entertaining props are available.


Games: There are many different games that you can play at a kid-friendly New Year's Eve party, such as pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, and charades.


Crafts: Kids can create their own DIY New Year's Eve decorations or favours by setting up a craft table.


Movie marathon: You can always throw a movie marathon if you're searching for something more laid back to do. Let the youngsters watch some family-friendly films that you've chosen!


Countdown to midnight


Make sure the youngsters are part of the countdown as the clock strikes midnight. A noisemaker or maybe just your voices will do. Cheers and let's enjoy the New Year once midnight arrives!


Tips for success


Here are a few tips for hosting a successful kid-friendly New Year's Eve party:


Keep it simple: Given that children have short attention spans, it's critical to plan a straightforward and basic party.


Plan ahead: Give careful thought to the events and menu you have in store. You'll be able to avoid stress at the last minute using this.


Be flexible: Since plans don't always work out as expected, be adaptable and ready to make changes as necessary.


Send out invitations early: Parents will have plenty time to arrange to come to your celebration thanks to this.


Have a designated area for parents to sit and relax: They can socialise and take a break from watching their kids while doing this.


Have a first-aid kit on hand: This is just in case there are any minor accidents.


Take lots of pictures: You'll want to cherish this memorable evening for years to come.


Above all, remember to have fun! It's time to celebrate on New Year's Eve, so kick back and enjoy the festivities!


Additional tips and ideas


Here are a few additional tips and ideas for planning a kid-friendly New Year's Eve party:


Theme: Select a theme for your celebration, such as space, princesses, or superheroes. This will simplify the process of organising the décor, menu, and entertainment.


New Year's resolutions: At the start of the celebration, have the children write down their resolutions for the next year. At the end of the evening, they can present their resolutions to the group.


Time capsule: Work with the students to create a time capsule. Add mementos like drawings, photos, and notes written to oneself. When a year has passed, open the time capsule to discover how much they have evolved.


Photo booth: Create a whimsical backdrop and props for your photo booth. The youngsters will enjoy making silly memories and having their pictures shot.


Balloon drop: Have a midnight balloon drop. Confetti and noisemakers should be stuffed into balloons and hung from the ceiling. Pop the balloons and let the confetti and noisemakers rain down on the kids when the clock strikes midnight.


Karaoke: Since kids enjoy singing, karaoke is a great way to include them in the festivities. You can utilise a karaoke app on your tablet or smartphone, or you can rent a karaoke equipment.


Magic show: A fantastic method to keep the kids entertained at your celebration is to hire a magician. The magician's illusions and feats will astound them.


Face painting: Kids may have a lot of fun expressing themselves and being creative with face painting. A friend or relative who is skilled in face painting might offer to do it, or you might hire a face painter.


Dance contest: Give the kids a dance competition. The kids can dance to a variety of musical selections that you play. Youngsters who can move the best can receive prizes.




Planning a kid-friendly New Year's Eve party can be a lot of fun. Just remember to keep things easy and concentrate on kid-friendly activities. You can organise a party that the entire family will enjoy with a little preparation.

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