Google Maps Directions from Your Current Location on Android

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Google Maps Directions from Your Current Location on Android


In today's fast-paced world, route applications have turned into a necessary piece of our regular routines. Among the numerous choices accessible, Google Guides stands apart as one of the most dependable and highlight rich route instruments. With its broad data set and easy to understand interface, Google Maps Directions from Your Current Location on Android and Google Guides offers consistent headings to assist you with arriving at your objective rapidly and productively. In this blog, we will investigate how to utilize Google

Maps on Android to get bearings from your current location.

Stage 1: Sending off Google Guides

To start your excursion, open the Google Guides application on your Android gadget. You can find the application symbol on your home screen or in the application cabinet. Tap on the symbol to send off the application.

Stage 2: Giving Area Consents

Google Maps Directions from Your Current Location on Android and For Google Guides to precisely decide your ongoing area, you want to give it admittance to your gadget's area. When incited, permit Google Guides to get to your area by tapping on the "Permit" button.

Step 3: Finding Your Current Location

When Google Guides approaches your area, it will consequently recognize your ongoing situation on the guide. You will see a blue dab showing your area. On the off chance that the blue speck isn't apparent or incorrect, guarantee that your gadget's area settings are empowered and attempt once more.

Step 4: Setting Your Destination

To get headings to a particular area, tap the pursuit bar at the highest point of the screen. Enter the location, milestone, or name of the spot you need to visit. Google Maps Directions from Your Current Location on Android and Google Maps will provide suggestions based on popular destinations or your previous search history. Tap on the ideal area from the rundown of ideas.

Step 5: Choosing Your Mode of Transportation

Prior to acquiring bearings, you can choose your favored method of transportation. Google Maps offers various options such as driving, cycling, or public travel. To pick your method of transportation, tap on the separate symbol showed underneath the pursuit bar. The application will naturally change the course and assessed travel time in view of your determination.

Step 6: Starting Navigation

Subsequent to setting your objective and choosing the method of transportation, tap on the "Headings" button. Google Maps Directions from Your Current Location on Android and Google Maps will calculate the best possible route from your current location to the destination. It will show a guide with turn-by-turn headings and a rundown of directions. You can look at the guidelines to get a total outline of your excursion.

Step 7: Following the Directions

When you are prepared to start your excursion, tap the "Begin" button situated at the lower part of the screen. Google Maps will initiate the navigation mode, and you will hear voice-directed guidelines alongside obvious signals on the screen. Follow the headings cautiously to easily arrive at your objective.

Step 8: Customizing Your Navigation Experience

Google Maps provides several customization options to enhance your navigation experience.  You can change settings like voice volume, elective courses, traffic data, from there, the sky is the limit. To get to these choices, tap on the three level lines in the upper-passed on corner of the screen to open the fundamental menu. From that point, explore to "Settings" and investigate the accessible inclinations.


Thanks to Google Maps, finding directions from your current location on Android has never been easier. By following the straightforward advances framed in this blog, you can easily explore to any objective of your decision. Whether you're driving, strolling, or utilizing public travel, Google Guides gives exact and solid bearings, guaranteeing you arrive at your objective proficiently. In this way, whenever you're arranging an outing or investigating another city, let Google Guides be your dependable aide. Blissful exploring!



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