Red sea international film festival

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Red sea international film festival


In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, there is an annual film festival called the Red Sea International Film Festival. The festival aims to encourage cultural interchange, present the best in Arab and worldwide cinema, and aid the growth of the Saudi Arabian film industry.


The Red Sea International Film Festival's first event took place in March 2020. It included a varied schedule of film premieres, forums for the industry, and seminars. The festival aims to provide a venue for international filmmakers to present their work and interact with viewers, business leaders, and other filmmakers.


The Red Sea International Film Festival prioritises fostering new talent and promoting narrative originality. It gives Saudi Arabian and regional filmmakers the chance to showcase their work and establish connections with influential figures in the global industry. The festival aims to promote cross-cultural interaction through film while also highlighting the region's rich cultural legacy.


The festival features a competition part where chosen films compete for prizes in many categories, such as Best Feature Film, Best Director, and Best Screenplay, in addition to movie screenings and industry events. Aside from regular screenings, the festival also presents retrospectives and tributes to well-known directors.


The Red Sea Film Festival Foundation is a Saudi Arabian non-profit cultural organisation that manages and organises the festival. Jomana Alrashid, the CEO of the Saudi Research and Media Group (SRMG), serves as the Foundation's chair.


The Red Sea International Film Festival is intended for moviegoers, independent filmmakers, and the global motion picture business. Watch future blockbusters before they are released on the big screen. With carefully picked retrospectives and restored classics, rediscover old favourites. With experimental and short film strands, you can discover new audio-visual worlds and try something different. Ten days of film, both new and old, every year. Meet the creators, pick their brains, and get motivated by the greatest.


The Red Sea Signature Programmes is the name of the part of the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation responsible for distribution, production, development, and exhibition. It consolidates all of the Foundation's grant and investment funds under one roof in an effort to elevate the local and regional filmmaking sector by generating opportunities for spirited competition.


The Red Sea International Film Festival is essential to Saudi Arabia's promotion as a developing centre for filmmaking and cross-cultural engagement. It gives homegrown artists a stage on which to display their work and promotes national cinema appreciation.

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